Melissa Tan and Ethan Tan Hardy play Mommy and Son in Sprint's "Unlimited Data"


Missouri Lottery Scratchers

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We laughed and giggled all day on set of Wendy's Freezy Diskz from Othr Guys LLC. 

We laughed and giggled all day on set of Wendy's Freezy Diskz from Othr Guys LLC.

Petco How to De-Skunk Your Dog and Yard

Petco How to Clean Your Dog's Ears

Petco How to Bathe Your Dog 

This was Owen's, my favorite animal actor, least favorite shot of the day...but I rewarded him with lots of treats and rubs. 

Watch the Petco Video: How to Bathe Your Dog


Petco Dog Grooming 101

This was Melissa's first experience working with animal actors, and she loved it! Owen was a dream on set; He is featured in three of the four How-To videos Melissa hosted for Petco.

Watch the Petco Video: Dog Grooming 101

VISA IntelliLink

These online videos showcase Melissa's teleprompting proficiency as a narrator/on-camera spokesperson. 

Watch the Visa Commercial Tip for IntelliLink Compliance Management 
Choose the second video on the right

Watch the Visa IntelliLink Spend Management Video 
Click the only video option

National McDonald's Commercial Filmed in San Diego

Melissa was delighted to film "Frame" in her hometown of San Diego, CA with Ronald and her onscreen daughter Breanna Yde, who stars on Nickelodeon's "The Haunted Hathaways."  This McDonald's commercial aired on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

Check out the article in USA TODAY, and watch the commercial. 

Best Actress Award! 

Melissa was absolutely thrilled to win the BEST ACTRESS award at Indie Fest USA in Anaheim, CA for her performance in the comedy, Ballbusters.  The indie was filmed in Chicago. 

Indie Fest USABallbusters


This project aligned with Melissa's prior career in teaching and abiding love of reading.  She hopes it will encourage people, especially students, to enjoy books,

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Interview with John Levey 

As a recurring host on The Virtual Channel Network, it was Melissa's honor to interview Mr. John Levey, SVP of John Wells Production (ER, West Wing)  and to hear his feelings on the final season of ER.

Interview Part 1Interview Part 2  • Interview Part 3

Fist 2 Fist (formerly Hand 2 Hand) 

Melissa was thrilled to play "Mimi" who was caught in the middle of the drama between her husband, "Ken" and her dangerous ex "Joe," Ken's nemesis.  The action film features many current MMA fighters and was set and shot in San Francisco.  Fist 2 Fist is available on RED BOX and Amazon.

 Fist 2 Fist on IMDBFist 2 Fist site

Interview with Wendee Cole 

Melissa Tan sat down with manager Wendee Cole, (President of Wendee Cole Management) who specializes in managing kids.

Interview Part 1 •  Interview Part 2 •  Interview Part 3 •  Interview Part 4Interview Part 5 •  Interview Part 6

Interview with Brad Le Mack 

Melissa interviewed manager Brad Le Mack on the online show Industry RSVP In-Depth. 

Interview Part 1 •  Interview Part 2Interview Part 3 •  Interview Part 4

Wedding for One

The short Wedding for One was accepted into the Poppy Jasper Film Festival in Northern California. This was the 5th year of this festival.

Wedding for OnePoppy Jasper Film Festival