Adventures in Essential Oils

Who loves a good therapeutic massage? ME!!!!!  That was the extent of my essential oil experience until Christmas 2016.   I loved adding aromatherapy to my deep tissue massage; I felt tight muscles respond to the lavender oil and my sinuses open after a whiff of peppermint oil, but I didn't realize that was literally the tip of the iceberg. 

My sweet friend Marika had sent me essential oil rollerball samples when my chronic pain symptoms were overwhelming, and it really helped me get through a tough season.  I was surprised to realize how much they assisted me.  Especially because over the years, I have gotten so sensitive to smells that I avoid perfume, have asked my husband to stop wearing cologne, and had to avoid places like Bath and Bodyworks because the smells were overwhelming and usually gave me a migraine.  However, these doTERRA essential oils are pure.  The synthetic chemicals is what gave me headaches!

Since then, I have enjoyed exploring essential oils; it’s so much fun creating my own roller blends and chemical free products like all natural breath freshener, bug repellent, bathroom freshener and hand sanitizer.   I am now a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and love to share since using essential oils has really helped me manage stress, fatigue, get through mental fog, muscle spasms from TKD training, and just truly improved my overall well-being.  I have been able to cut out the obscene amount of ibuprofen I was popping, and have even reduced my caffeine intake and allergy medications.  And I know they can help other people the same way.

What’s also cool is Ethan loves using (and helping me make) essential oil products too.  I made him a couple blends to mitigate allergies, help him unwind after activities, relax him after TKD training/muscle strain, and most of all ease the discomfort from his Restless Leg Syndrome. 

You have probably heard of doTERRA, but if you haven’t, here’s my link:

The site has so much info, it can be overwhelming, so please ask me your questions.   I’m very impressed with dōTERRA's products, which are far superior to the oils sold at drug and health food stores, as despite store brands being marketed as pure, many of them contain fillers, dyes, etc. And compared with other essential oil brands, dōTERRA's oils have really worked effectively for me.

I'd love to share some essential oil information and samples with you.  Contact me and let me help you explore a whole new world!   I have even made my facebook group accessible:

P.S. For fellow bargain lovers out there, here are the New Perks I'm offering all my clients:

* When they open their Wholesale Customer account with me, I send one complimentary 10 ml customized blend ($15 value.)

* If they open a Wholesale Customer account by purchasing an enrollment kit of $125 point value (PV) or more, I send a welcome gift of a few empty rollerballs and some fractionated coconut oil, and the above custom blend too.

* I have a Referral Program
Refer a friend who becomes a Wholesale Customer, and I send out a thank you gift. 
Refer a Wholesale customer who decides to become a Wellness Advocate to build a doTERRA business, I send out more thank you gifts.